Thursday, June 21, 2007

1. Say Cheese!

Let me begin by asking, how much do you smile in office? “Not much” would, perhaps, be your answer. If you are a junior, you will dare not smile and if you are a senior, it will not be appropriate for you to smile. A permanent frown on your face is what makes you a true senior. Seniors don’t smile and juniors dare not smile.

No surprise, our work-place has become so lifeless. We work in our own islands with no scope of team bonding, free expression of views, creativity and learning. Lack of synergy has hit our productivity. Our work-place has become a jail and work a big burden. We return home exhausted and irritated, ready to bite all those who have been waiting for us to come home.

Make a beginning. Smile for yourself, if not for others. At least, try to smile when you are alone and if someone catches you in that mood, he or she is also sure to smile. Word will spread and people will flock to you. Ask yourself, whom do you want to spend your time with- the one who gives you a smile or the one who takes it away? Your PA will type better and your peon will bring you hotter coffee. You will feel happy, achieve more in office and return home a more tolerable person.

Smile is the key to your health, productivity and popularity. So, clean your teeth and give your frowny boss a liberal smile. And if he does not reciprocate, go back the next day without brushing your teeth and give him a rather unhygienic smile.

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Good work. I like it.