Thursday, March 20, 2008

11.Learn to send messages- yourself

Many parents understand the value of communicating with their children through e-mail and SMS. They also have the flair to write sweet messages, whether short or long. Many of them communicate much better when they write than when they speak. But unfortunately, computers and mobiles are like snakes and scorpions to them. Mere mention of e-mail and SMS is sufficient to drench them in sweat.
It is amazing how our upbringing can stop us from acquiring very easy, yet very important, skills. Many of us who in our growing up years were ignorant of gadgets other than Radio and Gramophone find it hard to believe that sending an e-mail or SMS is much easier than climbing Mount Everest. The fear is so deeply entrenched that we don’t even try despite easy availability of internet, computer and mobile phones.
If we can overcome our initial inhibitions and learn how to send an e-mail or SMS, we will experience an immediate and intense feeling of joy. Our children will be amazed at the joy we are capable of deriving from such ‘trivial’ achievements. If for nothing else, we should start fiddling with computers and mobiles for the sake of this joy.
There are some parents who manage to communicate with their children through modern gadgets even without knowing how to send an e-mail or SMS. They are excellent managers who always find someone to write and send messages for them. Some people utilize the services of their secretaries to do so. But a young female secretary communicating with a teenaged son on behalf of her boss could be a recipe for trouble. It may ignite flames which the boss may find difficult to douse.

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