Thursday, March 20, 2008

14. Talk to the wall

If you can't find any one who is willing to listen to you, you can still fulfil your urge to converse. You may try what Osho describes as talking to the wall.Position yourself in front of a wall and freely give vent to your thoughts and feelings. When you have spoken to your heart's content, you will feel quite relieved. If you can't find a wall thick enough to keep your snooping neighbours at bay, you can go and speak to a tree, a river or whatever. The best thing about talking to the wall is that it does not interrupt. When we talk to someone, we generally expect him to behave like a wall. Good conversation for most of us is the one where we get to speak all the time and the other person keeps quiet except when he needs to admire us. We then describe him as an excellent conversationist. If the other person insists on his own fair share in the conversation, he is a big bore- someone who needs to be scrupulously avoided.Another advantage of talking to the wall is that you can say all abusive and nasty things without incurring any risk to your limbs. Many of us nurse a desire to say things which we cannot say either because the person about whom we want to say such things is very powerful or because the things we want to say are downright atrocious. The wall can provide a good outlet.Talking to the wall is something everyone can benefit from. But when you talk to the wall, don't forget to bolt the room from inside. Otherwise, people may try to help you in ways you may not like.

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