Thursday, March 20, 2008

18. The wall does not mind odours

Factors which have nothing to do with conversation play an important role in conversation. You may have brilliant ideas and an excellent way of expressing them, but if you suffer from pyorrhea, some people may run away the moment you open your mouth. Your body may be emitting odours inconsistent with the quality of your thoughts. Your clothes may be dirty, your shoes unpolished and your attire clumsy. All this may put off the other person. Even your gestures and facial expressions while speaking may not be to the liking of the person who may have otherwise loved to talk to you. The way you move your hands while speaking, the way you shake your legs and the way you laugh may be as important to the other person as the pronunciation, voice and content.You may not be able to do much about the gestures which have become a part of you. With conscious effort, you may be able to avoid them for some time, but once you forget yourself, all the old habits will come rushing back.Your physical condition is something over which you have much greater control. You can take a bath or brush your teeth before you begin conversing with someone, but this is more of a theoretical solution to a practical problem. You can't always make such preparations for your conversation. And there could be odours which even a vigorous bath will not drive away.The wall makes no such demands on you. It is not bothered whether or how you are dressed and what odours you are emitting. It always listens to you with the same attention.

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