Thursday, March 20, 2008

19. Impress with the impossible

Do you speak to impress? If yes, it is neither lofty thoughts nor good pronunciation, style and voice that is going to help you. What will definitely work is the use of words which people rarely use in conversation. Many of us treat with respect and awe those who use words that we do not understand. Perhaps, this has something to do with the inferiority complex, entrenched deep inside us. If someone can use words which are beyond us, we immediately come to the conclusion that he has a much richer vocabulary than we have. Use of difficult words is the surest indication of the user's intellectual acumen. Lofty thoughts and ideas, expressed in simple commonplace words hardly impress and inspire. People do not like to be seen in the company of such ordinary beings. If someone has a good stock of impossible words and also lacks clarity of thoughts, that is a deadly combination- a sure recipe for success. This will remove any risk of failure if he happens to meet someone like himself. Such a person will earn the respect of not only ordinary intellectuals, but also of those who cannot think of breathing without a dictionary to keep them company. So, if you want to communicate impressively, get hold of a huge dictionary and identify the most difficult words. Memorise and start using them in conversation. You need not bother much about their exact meanings and usage. Why waste time on something that others are not going to understand any way !

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