Thursday, March 20, 2008

20. Moderation is the mantra

Conversation is a skill which needs to be used in moderation. When you over-eat, it is you who suffers from indigestion. But if you over-speak, it is the listener who suffers from indigestion. You may be a great conversationist, having brilliant ideas, excellent voice, good command over the language and other attributes needed to endear you to others. But if you get carried away by your conversational skills, you will only irritate and isolate others. They will look for excuses to avoid your company.If you are a poor conversationist, you have all the more reason to speak moderately. By doing so, you may be able to successfully hide what is so obvious to you. A poor conversationist who does not speak much is better than a good conversationist who knows not when to stop.One who speaks moderately is always liked by others. If he happens to be a good conversationist as well, he will have no dearth of admirers. This is so because most of us want to speak and not listen. We are always on the lookout for dormant tongues and active ears which obviously are not easy to find. Once people realize that someone speaks moderately, they go rushing to him again and again.So, if you want to be surrounded by admirers, it is not only the speaking skill that you need to hone, but also the skill of controlling your tongue which is always raring to go. And if you have time, patience or inclination to work on just one skill, it will always be desirable to go for the latter.

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