Thursday, March 20, 2008

21. Speak less, hurt less

Some people enjoy saying things which hurt others. Over time, they have perfected the art of using words and expressions which bring tears to the eyes of others. This gives them a high, a feeling of superiority over others and a sense of victory. Mightily pleased with their success, they sleep peacefully only to wake up the next morning to hunt for new preys. They do not require a weapon to injure. They can wield their tongues more ferociously than goons their knives. When such people meet their matches, friendship is generally the result. With renewed strength and vigour, they jointly plot the humiliation oftheir unsuspecting listeners. Such people need not speak moderately. They are professional hurters and need to use their tongue to the hilt.But most people hurt others without any intention to do so. It is some slip of tongue, some inappropriate use of language, some rush of emotions or some misunderstanding on the part of the listener which causes hurt. Such people feel miserable after hurting someone. They try to explain their position to the other person in an effort to repair the damage. Sometimes, they succeed and sometimes, they don't.For such people, it makes sense to speak moderately. They are less likely to hurt others if they do so. If you belong to this category, avoid speaking in paragraphs and chapters. If you speak in words and sentences, you will make fewer mistakes.

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