Thursday, March 20, 2008

28. Silence is golden

Once in a while, we need to steal moments when we neither speak nor listen. These moments of total silence are essential for deep introspection. There is so much noise all around us that we hardly get a chance to talk to ourselves. Either we are talking or listening to someone and this does not allow us to connect with ourselves. There are occasions when we are neither talking nor listening, but are busy doing different chores. These are not the moments of true silence. We need moments when we are totally with ourselves- without any distraction and with full consciousness.Initially, we may feel very uncomfortable, because we have a strong urge to say something or listen to someone. That is what we have been accustomed to do. But once the teething troubles are over, we will begin enjoying our silent moments. Starting with a few minutes, we may like to extend such moments to half an hour, one hour or even more.The silence will act as a tonic to our mind and fill our days and nights with peace and happiness, the quality of which could surprise us. We will start behaving better with those who come in contact with us. Our decisions will be better and quicker. We will begin to recognize our faults and sins much more clearly and accurately. Our ego will start melting and we will learn to forget, forgive and apologise. We will realize that our objects of desire, greed and pride are ephemeral and cannot give us peace of mind. We will find goals which are really worth pursuing and ways to move towards those goals, if not reach them.In our silent moments, we may discover some great idea which can transform our life. A great idea generally reaches us in such a faint voice that we need silence to hear and understand it.

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