Thursday, March 20, 2008

29. Silence of the soul

It is not the silence of the vocal chords alone that will bring us the fruits of silence. That is what most people practise in the name of silence. They set a time limit and eagerly wait for the alarm to go off. Every ten seconds, they open their eyes to look at the watch and see how much time is still left. During their moments of silence, they discover strange itches. Imaginary flies and mosquitoes bother them which they keep chasing all the time. They are never happy with their posture and feel the need to adjust it every now and then.Housewives keep their ears open to hear any discordant note. Mothers-in-law keep a watch on daughters-in-law to ensure that the latter do not take advantage of their silence. During their moments of silence, daughters-in-law keep a watch not only on their mothers-in-law, but also on their kids. Men keep an eye on whether the breakfast is getting ready for them to eat immediately after they get up from their meditation. All these practitioners of silence occasionally make noises more intimidating than their voices when they feel that they need to intervene immediately and yet maintain silence. Some keep boiling inside and explode once the agonizing period of silence is over.Silence is not a ritual nor is it a burden. If it is so, it is better not practiced. Silence should make us more tolerant, more forgiving and lead us to ignore things which do not really matter. It should give us peace of mind and teach us to love others. At least, we should feel better after observing silence.Let us try to practise true silence- the duration of which may be small, but quality better. Then only, we can enjoy silence.

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