Thursday, March 20, 2008

9.Hugging alone will not do

If you are to connect to your child, actions like hugging, smiling and putting your arms around him are extremely important. They convey your feelings much better than words can do. Sometimes, you feel speechless, but the body can still move and compensate for the speechlessness. But all this cannot undermine the power of verbal communication. When used judiciously, it can work wonders and cement your bond with your child. The invention of languages must have been necessitated by limitations of non-verbal communication.
Physical actions like hugging may lead to a situation where verbal communication between you and your child becomes possible and effective. Since it is important for you to communicate with your child, you may look for and even create opportunities to communicate.
Some families take their meals together. This is a good opportunity to communicate with children if TV is kept off. Once food goes inside the stomach, irritability is unlikely to go up unless additional effort has been put in to spoil the dishes. In some families, elders advocate silence during meals. The logic of this has never been clear to me and I would rather use my mouth alternately for eating and talking - of course, more for eating. I know some people who can easily manage eating, watching TV and reading newspapers- all at the same time. The only activity they find difficult to accommodate while eating is talking.
Walking in gardens or parks together also offers a great opportunity to communicate. The plus point is that you cannot see TV while taking a walk. Going on vacations, visiting picnic spots in your city, going on a drive, shopping together - there can be innumerable situations in which communication is possible. You have to choose what suits you. Share your feelings, views and knowledge with the child and give him freedom to express himself. But once the child gets bored and irritated, don't drag on. Your next opportunity will come sooner than you expect.

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