Saturday, May 31, 2008

3. Character at 14

My soul is watching TV
Where I get news about myself
In anger and dismay
And in pity for those
Who lap up all with glee.

They talk of character and liaison
Not of the pain I suffered
When my tender life
Was so brutally snuffed out...

I can defend myself on TV
But how can I ?
I have neither body nor voice
How will you see and hear me ?

But when the screen goes blank
And the sound mute
Go within and ask yourself,
When you analyse my character
Why do you forget
I was yet to turn fifteen ?

(A young girl was murdered in Noida recently. Her character was cited as a motive for the murder. This poem is inspired by that incident.)


Anonymous said...

A well written short and touching poem.

skylark333 said...

Touching indeed! Poetic comment on recent things is not an easy task and the Blogger has done it very nicely!