Saturday, May 31, 2008

31.Move beyond yourself

Everyone wants to be happy, but everyone is miserable. We do things that seem to please us- we buy a comfortable house, a luxury car, fancy dresses, expensive household items; we go on vacations to exotic locations; we celebrate birthdays and marriage anniversaries; we earn money and go on earning. All this gives us some pleasure, but soon, we are back to restlessness. We set ourselves another goal and start pursuing it in the hope that achieving it will give us happiness. This process continues and our quest for happiness remains unfulfilled.

Clearly, we are pursuing things, the possession of which can give us fame and pleasure. But the feeling of happiness and peace continues to elude us.

Thinking about oneself is not wrong. Nor is it wrong to try and acquire material things as long as this can be done through proper means and without harming others. But happiness and peace demands that we move beyond ourselves.

The moment we think of doing something for others, we move to a higher purpose. In helping others, we experience a feeling which is very different from pleasure. The more deserving is the recipient, the better is the quality of happiness. There is not much point in doing something for someone who does not really need it. Why not do something for someone who desperately needs it. When this happens, a new door opens and we start experiencing peace, happiness and fulfillment.

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