Sunday, June 01, 2008

1.Don't pull your hair at the drop of a hat

'Stress' is one of the most common words used in the modern day world. All kinds of people at all times keep saying that they are stressed. Even school-going children are not immune to it. Without being too technical about the meaning of stress, let us just understand it as some worry, discomfort or pressure. Let us also be clear that what causes stress to you may not do so to me and also, what causes stress to me in one situation may not do so in another.

Some amount of stress is necessary for preventing us from being lazy and careless, but excessive stress can cause a variety of mental and physical ailments. The worst part of it is that our stress can make life miserable for those who are not in a position to avoid us. Our spouses, friends, relatives, subordinates and seniors may have to suffer because we are not able to handle our stress. Fortunately, there are ways to keep stress within manageable limits.

First of all, we must tell ourselves loud and clear that the ride will not always be smooth. While we will like everything to go our way, occasionally things will go the other way. That is how life is. After death of course, nothing will go wrong, assuming that the stories of people being dumped in boiling oil, etc., are works of fiction.

People most stressed are generally those who cannot reconcile themselves even with small inconveniences. When they start for office, they presume that the roads will be empty and they will reach their destinations exactly after so many minutes without any hassle. They become restless if they have to wait for a minute at the traffic signal. If their car develops a snag on the way, they feel like committing suicide. When such people return home, they desperately press the call bell button, expecting someone to hide just behind the door waiting for the bell to ring. When they go to buy vegetables, they expect the vendor to keep the exact change ready. If the drawer of their almirah gets stuck, they get red hot. They expect the weather to be cool and comfortable all the time…. Heaven is the best place for such people, if it does exist. But unfortunately, the world is no heaven.

So, let us understand very clearly that there is a certain price we have to pay for living. When we face some small inconvenience, let us take it as a proof that we are alive. If we can do that, we may gradually start treating big problems also as the price we are required to pay for choosing to live.

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