Sunday, June 01, 2008

2. Be positive and overcome fear

Fear of things not going your way can be a big stressor. You try hard for success and want to know immediately what the result of your efforts will be, but the result is often not instantaneous. The longer the waiting period, the more is the stress. You keep worrying about whether the result will be commensurate with your efforts and whether it will be as expected by you.

A student prepares hard throughout the year and sits for the examination. He imagines that after the examination, he will be a free man. He will get up late, eat oily food, watch movies and so on. But once the examination is over, he is consumed by the worry of the result, despite having performed well in the examination. He wonders- what if the examiner is not as intelligent as he is, what if the examiner is an envious type who is determined not to give marks more than he himself had scored and what if he happens to quarrel with his wife just before he has to examine the answer-sheet… The student feels stressed and is most miserable during the period he hoped to enjoy most.

An employee works very hard throughout the year, but is worried all the time about his appraisal report and losing out on the promotion he richly deserves. He tries to find some deep meaning in occasional lack of warmth from his boss and goes on analyzing it with his hapless friends and relatives. He tries to read his appraisal report in every frown that he receives from his boss and becomes so stressed that he starts getting philosophical- nobody values sincere and hard work these days, it is only sycophants who flourish, but I am not that type and I cannot be….

The student is relieved when he gets his result after a few months and so is the employee when he gets his promotion. But they have already suffered a lot of stress and all the adverse effects it can have.

Let us try to develop an attitude of telling ourselves that the results of our efforts are going to be positive. We will have the opportunity to cry to our heart's content and fill buckets with tears if the need arises later, but why lose sleep now?

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