Sunday, June 01, 2008

3. Don't worry in vain

How often do you have to say, "my worst fears have come true"? Search for the truth and you will find that most of the time, your fears are unfounded. Things generally work out and you are relieved that your worst fears have not come true. But you have already suffered a lot of stress by that time.
Human beings have an amazing capacity to convince themselves that the result of their efforts will not be positive. It is this fear which gives them and their close ones sleepless nights. People take into account some bad experiences they have suffered and make them the basis to conclude that it would not be any different this time. They even start indulging in self-pity- I don't know why my efforts never bear fruit..why this happens to me only…why luck is never on my side, etc. They ignore all those occasions when results of their efforts have been good or even better than their own expectations. Some people have negativity so much deep-rooted in them that they await some bad news all the time. When they stop the engine of their car at a junction, they are worried that it will not restart when the light turns green. When their children go to school, they are worried that they may be kidnapped. When some close relative has a mild fever, they start fearing the worst. When they go to bed in the night, they worry that an earthquake may occur and they may lose a chance to escape because they were asleep. Every weekend, they expect their mothers-in-law to arrive unannounced… There is no end to their misery.
All such people should remember that most of the time, we worry about things which do not happen. This is borne out by our experience if we care to analyse it honestly and objectively. Beautiful things keep happening to all of us and our efforts do not generally go in vain.
Had it not been so, we would not have been alive and would not have made any effort. So, let us resolve not to lose sleep over an earthquake which is not going to occur any way.

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