Sunday, June 08, 2008

4. The Servant

I have a mobile
Not for communicating
But for receiving commands.

My room is in the bungalow
Not for my comfort
But for their convenience.

In every theft or robbery
Abduction or murder
I am the prime suspect.

They slap and kick me
Without any reason
Detain and punish me
Without any trial.

How do I return to my village
Where my money-order is awaited
More than I am ?
How do I live in the city
So alien, so suspecting ?

I want to go somewhere
But where do I go ?


skylark333 said...

O Tere kee ! Yeh to bahut achhi hai! Maan gaye aapko! It means it would be a first of its kind - a collection of poems - both in Hindi and English. And please now don't tell me that you are going to write some poems in Indian regional languages also!
Good work done really. This poem is simply superb!

manoj said...

Very nice piece, indeed.