Sunday, June 01, 2008

4.Magic formula for fending off stress

Hope for the best, but expect the worst. We have heard this umpteen number of times, but hardly ever put this into practice to get rid of the stress which uncertainty of outcome of our efforts may cause.
We can fight stress if we not only expect the worst, but also accept it. This acceptance puts us at peace with ourselves and helps us focus on other tasks which we are not able to do properly because of unnecessary stress.
At the practical level, it works like this. Analyse your situation carefully and zero in on the worst result that the effort you have already put into something can produce. For example, if you have appeared for an examination, the worst that can happen is, you will fail. No body is going to put you behind the bars for failing in the examination. No body is going to turn you out of the city. If you are an employee somewhere and do not know how your boss is going to assess you, the worst that can happen is that you may lose your job. Your property cannot be confiscated and you cannot be barred from looking for another job.
Once you have figured out the worst outcome, mentally reconcile yourself with it. Be prepared to accept it, if it comes your way. In his book "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living", Dale Carnegie has described this as 'magic formula for solving worry situations". The advantage will be twofold- your current stress will start melting and whatever the ultimate result, you will be happy, because the result cannot be worse than the worst.

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