Sunday, June 01, 2008

5. Do your best and forget

If you are feeling stressed about the outcome of your efforts, Bhagwad Geeta may come to your rescue. Do your duty in the best possible manner and forget about the result. It is only the effort over which you have control and, therefore, it is only the effort which should get your full attention. The result is not in your hands. So, why worry about it? That makes no sense at all.
It is true that human beings will behave like human beings and cannot help worry about the outcome of their efforts. But once we understand the stupidity of experiencing stress about something over which we have no control, we may at least be able to reduce the level of stress. That itself may do us a lot of good.
While we think of the futility of worrying about the result of our efforts, let us also think about how such worry can prevent us from giving our best to the next task that we are required to take up. Too much worry about the result of the first effort will interfere with the way we are going to do the second task and therefore, its result. In other words, while the worry will not improve the first result, it may affect the second.
Often, we are so busy doing something or the other that we hardly have time to analyse our thoughts and behaviour. Such analysis appears to us a waste of time. As a result, we are not aware whether our thoughts and behaviour are logical. If we can take some time off on a sustained basis for such analysis, we may be able to take care of some of our stress. This will have its impact on the quality of our life and also on the quality of our effort.


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