Sunday, June 22, 2008

6.Be positive and proceed

Having made some effort to achieve something, we are generally worried about the result. We are also stressed even before and during the process of making the effort. This is primarily due to the fear of problems that we may face while making the effort and also the fear of failure ultimately. While some amount of stress may keep us alert and prompt us to give our best, excessive stress may affect the quality of our effort and hence, the result.

Some people are so pessimistic that even before undertaking a journey,they start thinking that their vehicle will develop some snag, preventing them from reaching the station on time, that the train will be cancelled at the last moment due to some problem, that their reserved berth will be occupied by someone else, that they will not get proper accommodation at their destination, that they will fall sick at an unknown place and so on. Either they do not start the journey at all or are worried during the entire trip.These people should mentally reconcile themselves with the worst that may happen and also remind themselves that our worst fears generally do not come true. They should also tell themselves that there is some risk involved in everything one does. No one can guarantee a hassle-free process and cent per cent result. They should also focus on the joy of doing something rather than being too obsessed about theresult. Such an approach may help them reduce their stress, take up a task with hope and do it in an enjoyable manner.

There are certain things that we have to do whether we like it or not.What is the point in feeding ourselves with negative thoughts and turning into a burden something that has to be done anyway. There are other things which we may choose to do or not to do. If we build stress through negative self-talk and decide not to proceed, we may lose out on a lot that we are capable of achieving. So, logically, it is better to think positive, say bye to stress and try. As they say, it is better to try and fail than not to try at all.

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