Saturday, July 05, 2008

34.Home work at 2 degrees celcius?

Now that schools have opened after the summer vacations, I have rediscovered my smile. Homework of my child being over, I can now return to office work with the same old dedication and enthusiasm. Office files are now much easier to comprehend and far more interesting.
Given the generally relaxed atmosphere in the office these days, I can bet that many others have also had similar experience. Bosses have suddenly become more tolerable, subordinates more respectful and colleagues more friendly. People no longer search internet for information and pictures on impossible topics during lunch-break. They now enjoy moving from room to room, cracking jokes and gossiping about others, specially lady employees.
Housewives at home have rediscovered their cooking skills. From cutting pastal sheets and arranging pictures, they have moved to organizing kitty parties. With their little children in tow, they can now happily indulge in cross-balcony conversations with neighbouring housewives.
Grand-parents living in another town are relaxed too. The truck-load of homework which their grand children had brought during the vacations has gone back. Despite failing eye-sight and shaking hands, they had to put their hearing aids on and chip in with contribution to their grand children's homework. They can now go back to their temples and parks, happily waving sticks at stray dogs.
People no longer wait for summer vacations these days. The only ones who do are the professionals who have mushroomed all over the city to prepare any model or project your child may require.
Our schools have contributed to the growth of a new cottage industry in our cities- an industry which will register double digit growth in the vacations to come. The only problem is that the industry is seasonal in nature and needs to be given some additional work during lean periods of the year. How about starting some winter vacation homework?

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