Saturday, August 23, 2008

39. Let us help our children at least

There may be some who just cannot help anyone - not even their friends and close relatives. They may not be willing to help even their spouses. In fact, they may be freely transferring all responsibilities to their spouses without being apologetic about it. In many cases, the victims may be accepting the burden as part of their duty or as their fate. They may not know what to do or may not be willing or able to do anything about it.
Cases of completely lop-sided division of labour between working couples are not rare. The wife has to get up early, prepare bed tea for the husband, get children ready for the school, prepare breakfast and lunch for everyone, go to office and do so many other chores after returning home. There are cases where only the wife is earning and yet all these works have to be done by her, because the husband is not supposed to do all this. He will rather while away his time loitering, playing cards and waiting eagerly for his wife to come home to serve him dinner in time. He will also be ready with imaginary grievances to put his wife on the defensive and demonstrate that he may be useless, but he is the boss. Thankfully, the situation has changed fast everywhere, so much so that it is not uncommon to come across male victims. Many such victims find it difficult to get their grievances heard, let alone redressed. They are perennial suspects and hardly evoke any sympathy from any quarter.
While spouses may not help each other, they will mostly be willing to help their children, specially when the children are young. The bond is so powerful that it can crack even the toughest nuts. If the willingness to help one’s children can be converted into action, that itself will be a big service to the society.

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