Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We do whatever we want
Fly, hop or walk.

Air conditioners we do not use
We need no cars to travel
No computers to work on
No mobiles to keep in touch.

Clothes we do not require
Nor big houses to live in
Some grains of corn
A few drops of water
A nest made of leaves and straw
Is all we strive for.

How fussy is this two-legged one
Whose wants know no limit
Whose miseries know no end
Whose smile is a rare occurrence.

How unlucky is this two-legged one,
He cannot even fly.


skylark333 said...

Good poem indeed! Your forays in poetry (English) have surprised me. You write good English, that was always beyond doubt but writing poetry which sounds so spontaneous, is altogether a different thing.

AVIRAL said...

WAH !!! This is the FIRST time you have written a good English poem. Keep it up !

Anonymous said...