Wednesday, October 15, 2008

43. Winter is knocking on the door

There was a nip in the air this morning as I got out for my morning walk. This was a sure sign that winter was round the corner. I was grateful and happy. In Delhi, the summer is so hot and the days are so long that people like me desperately wait for the winter to set in.
I am looking forward to days when I can put my balcony to good use. I will just squat on a mat and let the sun fall all over me. Gone will be the days when the door to the balcony remains closed and curtains are perpetually in position to keep the sun out. I am dying to bring my coats, sweaters, blazers, mufflers and inners out of the closet. It is so boring to keep wearing only shirts and trousers day in and day out. I will soon be able to visit the nearby parks even in the afternoons and rejuvenate myself, looking at small children playing with one another. It will no longer be tortuous to visit friends and relatives, just as it will not be for them to visit me. We all can sit together for our gossip sessions and enjoy pakoras, til laddoos, gajar halwa, gajaks- thank god, my sugar levels are under check.
The sun will set early and I will no longer feel guilty, leaving office even on time. May be, I can take some leave when days are particularly cold just to experience the coziness of the quilt or simply to laze around in the sun. In the mornings, it will be so enjoyable to keep lying in bed even after the slumber has long vanished. Of course, in the evenings, I will miss sigris (live charcoal containers) around which, during my childhood, I used to sit with my parents, brothers and sisters, but heaters and blowers will compensate the loss partly.
Days still remain quite hot, but I don’t mind. After all, it is only a matter of days now. The winter is not far away.

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aviral said...

Definitely better than the last one