Saturday, October 25, 2008

44.Office in winter

Many of my colleagues in office are eagerly waiting for the winter to set in, specially the fog that accompanies it. They find it so difficult to reach office on time and have to look for an excuse every day- headache in the morning, need to drop the child to school, going to dispensary for medicine, sudden arrival of a relative, wife’s illness and so on. Once the foggy winter sets in, they will be saved the bother of looking for excuses. They can say that they were all padded up to go to office, but the fog just won’t allow their car to move. It was just not possible for them to reach office on time- despite their best efforts.
Office itself will be a much better place to be in during the winter. Backbiting will give much more pleasure over sips of hot tea and steaming pakoras/samosas around the heater. It will be so nice. Reach office around 11.30, have a good gossip session with friends, followed by lunch, followed by tea and it will be time to pack up.
There are some colleagues whose office work is not complete without a game of cards. In the winter, they can sit in office lawns and enjoy an extended game under the sun. Even if they lose, they will feel like winners. It is so good to see office lawns overflowing with employees, belonging to different religions, castes, regions, etc. They forget all their differences and worries including those related to office work during the winter to play their favorite game of cards.
Health-conscious employees can go for a walk after the lunch and can return just in time for the afternoon tea. Employees with a literary bent of mind can make themselves comfortable before the heater and finish the novel they borrowed at the start of the summer.
Things are so good during the winter that many would like to stay in office well beyond the office hours. The only consideration that prevents them from doing so is the need to strike a work-life balance. After the hard day’s work, they must return home in time to spend some quality time with their families


Aviral said...

Your 2nd paragraph aptly describes what sarkari babus do at the workplace! Well written!

Anonymous said...

I found this blog by chance.
This is probably supposed to be humorous but it presents a very dark side of the way government officials function in India. If I can discount it by 50 percent for humor, still it looks that they while away lot of their time in office. Is it so bad?