Thursday, November 20, 2008

47. Unhappy despite variety

Variety is what human beings want and variety is what we have in plenty all around us. Seasons keep changing at regular intervals. The winter is followed by the spring, the spring by the summer, the summer by the autumn and the autumn again by the winter. We have rainfall in certain months and snowfall at some places in some other months. Even on a single day, the weather keeps changing. Mornings are not the same as afternoons and afternoons are not the same as evenings. Days are so different from nights. Sometimes, there is a lull all around and sometimes, strong winds start blowing.

All around us, the nature has created tremendous variety. Hills, rivers, plains, waterfalls, oceans, deserts… Go to a small park and look at the variety. One tree is so different from another. Even on one tree, there are different types of leaves- some small, some big; some green, some yellow. Different types of birds are chirping- they are of different colours and produce different sounds. Flowers in the park are also not of the same type. Some are white, some yellow and some red… Their shapes are so different.

The sky changes its colour every now and then. Sometimes, it shows only clouds, sometimes stars, sometimes the sun and sometimes the moon. The moon itself keeps changing its size every day.

There is so much variety in human relationships- husband, wife, son, daughter, father, mother, uncle, aunt... Even the most horrible human beings have friends who find something in them worth connecting to. Every friend is so different from another.

There is so much to cater to our need for variety- most of it available to us free of cost. Why then are we so unhappy all the time?

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Aviral said...

You have described nature in a very good way....this article was very different from the others.....i liked the last line