Saturday, November 29, 2008

48. Winter for them

The winter has set in now. Woollen suits are back on hangers. Heaters are again plugged to sockets. Blankets and quilts have occupied their place on beds. Steaming snacks and sweets are back on the dining table. Morning slumber has become quite enjoyable. Early to bed is alright, but early to rise is just not on in this season. The winter has simply changed life.
In the days to come, the winter will become colder and colder and we are fully geared to turn it into an opportunity to enjoy and relax. But what about those who have no defence against the winter- those who have no warm clothes, no blankets, no heaters, not even a shelter. They will be quite contented with the summer when they can sleep on the foot-path , get ready in the morning and be simply off to work. The thought of the approaching winter will be too scary to them. How will they protect themselves and their children against the biting cold ? Their minds will be full of worries. Many of them will not be able to pull through the winter. What is welcome to some will be giving them nightmares.
Why do we always think of our own comforts ? Why are we not able to empathise with hundreds and thousands of hapless souls, spread all around us ? Will all of them be there when the spring comes ?


Netra said...

Hi Onkar,

Thanks for those nice words on my blog..!

Its quite touching when our mind starts thinking about those underprivileged coexistent..

However, if we set an objective in ourselves to help someone in need gives us a great sense of satisfaction.. If everyone thinks likewise, I'm sure we could eradicate poverty!


R. Ramesh said...

Thanks for yr comforting words on mumbai..agree with netra..billions of dollars r being spent on unwanted stuff..why not spend them on fighting poverty?

Aviral said...

I think this is one of your best articles....touching

Saadia said...

We have a famous saying which says that a good man must never go to sleep knowing his neighbour is hungry.

If each one of us were to take care of those immediately around us, we could bring so many smiles in the world, and in fact, save so many lives.

Noble thoughts, Mr. Onkar.