Saturday, December 06, 2008

17. Fly like a bird

A lovely bird is floating
In the vast expanse of the sky
Her white body contrasts
With the blue canopy on top.

Her wings flap in rhythm
Her grace is unmatched
Her speed uniform throughout
She shows no sign of fatigue.

Why can’t I be like her
Free of possessions and worry
Unmoved by unkind comments
Unmindful of ingratitude,
Celebrating life as it comes?

What if I don’t have wings
I can still fly like her
If only I have the spirit
Which can try and break free.


humanobserver said...

I loved your blog title very much and what a beautiful poem !

Aviral said...

As i said earlier-your poems just keep getting better

R. Ramesh said...

free of possessions?? good 2 think but hard to they say, we should possess money, not the other way...thanks for passing by blog and the of luck..