Saturday, December 13, 2008

18. Fallen Leaf

A small leaf gets detached
From the branch of a big tree
And looks longingly at those
Swinging together in gentle breeze.

The leaf suffers pangs of separation
Weeps ceaselessly over its fate
Brooding over the cruel fact
That none can stitch her back
To the branch where she belonged.

Painfully, the leaf realizes
She has to turn pale
She has to wither away,
But in her death and destruction
She will make more fertile
The soil on which she has fallen.


Aviral said...

nice poem

Kadri said...

How true. In our attempts to understand our lives and fill our wants and needs we often fail to see the greater picture.

humanobserver said...

Magic in your fingers !

How do we know said...

wonderful! This shld also have been in Hindi

Saadia said...

We just celebrated Eid ul Adha. This somewhat reminds me of the animals from the big herds that are chosen for sacrifice.