Saturday, December 20, 2008

19. The Tear

Don’t confine me to corners of your eyes
Don’t keep me below the lids
Don’t put yourself to torture
Let me flow- frequent and free.

I give voice to your sorrow
Your happiness I convey
Words and gestures can lie
But I am honest to the core.

Don’t be ashamed of me
Don’t treat me as weakness
I will come out and prove to all
That you are just a human being.


Kadri said...


I suffer from chronically dry eyes, I value tears in a way that I never did before. As it is so often in life, the value of things is not noted until they are gone.

skylark333 said...

Very good poem ! I offer my services to translate this one in Hindi !!

nituscorner said...

....tears that come rolling from the heart and flows to the river of no return!!! nice poem onkar.

humanobserver said...

Tryly a great one....

Onkar said...

I am sure, if skylark translates this poem, the translation will be better than the original.

Indrani said...

Nice lines, Onkar.
It touches the heart somewhere.