Friday, December 26, 2008

20.Two Trees

The two of us are stationary
Stuck deeply to the mass of soil,
Our own roots going against us.

Yet, both of us can dance wildly
With every single gust of wind
And sing soulfully with the birds
Which we shelter on our branches.

We offer leaves and fruits to the soil
Which won’t let us move at all
And give shade to the one
Who comes to axe us.

We don’t lose heart
When the autumn comes calling,
For the spring will give us back
All that the autumn has taken away.

The two of us are stationary
Yet can reach out to each other
Can touch and kiss each other
Can sing and dance together.

The two of us sometimes wonder
Why those who have the capacity to move
Prefer to remain stationary
And refrain from dancing and hugging.