Tuesday, December 02, 2008

49. Mumbai Incidents-Issues of Education

Is it not strange that some persons can bring themselves to killing absolutely innocent people, people they do not even know, without the slightest sign of hesitation. That is what happened in Mumbai last week. Some terrorists landed in the city from another country and opened fire on people who happened to be in the firing range. They took people hostage and brutally killed many. Only death could finally stop them.

They must have been fully aware that they were going to be killed, but before dying, they wanted to kill as many as possible. It did not matter who got killed. Men, women, young, old- everybody was their target.

What were they trying to achieve? What kind of revenge were they taking? Who motivated them and how? Who made them so inhuman? Who filled so much hatred in them and why? What kind of temptation was used to win them over? What injustice was talked about to convert them ? Could any reason have been good enough to kill the innocent and sacrifice their own lives ? Is it possible that they were used for some purpose they had no inkling of ? Why could they not see this ?

Is it not amazing that a large number of those who show no hesitation in killing innocent people are well-educated ? Why can’t the world community impart education which makes people capable of logical thinking and equip them with basic values like love for all human beings? Despite high education, why do people remain so vulnerable ?

Our entire focus is on producing engineers, doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants and so on. Why can’t we think of producing good human beings ?


Aviral said...

So many questions but we have no answer....terror will keep eating away at our country unless those questions are answered.

Anonymous said...

An extremely thought provoking post.

Indrani said...

All brain washing, Onkar!
Very depressing even to think of it.