Sunday, December 07, 2008

50. Mumbai Incidents-Pointers to Family

If many of our children do not grow up into human beings with values like love for fellow human beings and respect for all religions, the blame cannot be put on our educational institutions alone. If they are filled with hatred, are not capable of rational thinking and are not able to see the traps laid for them by others, the family cannot escape its share of responsibility.
The first institution in which the child learns anything good or bad is the family. When he sees intolerance, injustice, anger and lack of love in the family, he starts acquiring these attributes, because he learns more through imitation. Overexposure to television does not help. It is amazing that despite umpteen examples to the contrary, producers of TV programmes keep on arguing that they have to dish out what their viewers want. This is reflective of their own incompetence and the conviction they show in their own arguments is downright obscene.
All parents want their children to be rich and possess luxury cars and big houses by hook or by crook. Success of this type is the yard-stick a child is given to measure his own worthiness as a human being. All parents want their children to mix up with the children of the same or higher social strata and not with others. They teach children to look at human beings as compartmentalized groups and not as one with similar feelings and needs.
Many parents have no time for their children. There is no one the children can turn to for clearing their doubts and sharing their feelings. In nuclear families, there are no grandparents to pass on moral values to impressionable minds through story-telling.
The trend continues when the child grows up and goes to school. The seeds of hatred and anger are already sown in the family which are further watered in the school. One day, we see some of these children growing up into monsters and killing innocent fellow human beings without any compunction. We then wonder what is going wrong with our society.


nituscorner said...

nice write up and very its important to Practice what you preach....and also to connect to the present generation. Only then we will be able to reach out to them.

Indrani said...

Children are the wealth of our World. They have to be groomed properly and the responsibility lies on parents.

Thanks for your comment on mine, sorry to reach back late.

I like the name of your blog, wish the world followed that.