Sunday, December 21, 2008

53. Mumbai Incidents-Let Schools Do Their Bit

Following the Mumbai incidents, media has been full of views and comments on what should be done to deal with terrorism, but there is hardly any focus on how the community and individuals should be trained to prevent terror attacks and how they should be trained to protect themselves if such attacks take place. The focus seems to be on the role the Government should be playing.
While efforts must continue to see that terror attacks do not take place at all our generation and our next generations appear to be destined to live with the menace. Possibilities of terrorists using chemical and nuclear weapons are being talked about. The scenario looks quite scary. There are also apprehensions that in search of soft targets, terrorists may not spare schools.
Is it not, therefore, necessary that our schools launch a programme to train our children in skills which will enable them to detect possible terror attacks in time and protect themselves and others if a terror attack takes place ? We have read stray reports of a couple of schools launching such a programme, but others quickly need to emulate them. There is hardly any time to waste.
Our schools teach young children complex problems of science and Mathematics. They impart lessons in distant history of our country and the rest of the world. They encourage children to learn French and Russian languages. They train children hard in dance, music and sports. Let them also teach our children not to make distinctions among human beings on the basis of caste, religion, region, language and nationality, etc. Above all, let them prepare our children physically and mentally to deal with what they may face today or tomorrow.


R. Ramesh said...

u r should start in schools but there is already the moral edn class where equality is taught. what i feel is a prob is lack of exposure. when i was just in chennai, i had a closed mind. i went to mumbai, i started loving all indians, now i work in dubai, i love all humanity..exposure matters sir, and humans by nature r good but get polluted i think..dunno..too serious a subject..

R. Ramesh said...

u r absolutely right

humanobserver said...

Poignant ! Merry Christmas !

Saadia said...

True. It is so important to cry at times.

skylark333 said...

On the contrary, I thank God that Media has not turned its eyes roving towards this ‘neglect’ of school children not being imparted training in detecting terror attacks. I know we are living in tough times and frequent terror attacks have become a reality but for God’s sake, don’t create this kind of panic amongst the children! What impact it would have on children when there would be long Qs of children carrying their bags waiting to be checked by tired and bored security personnel! Please allow children to live their childhood naturally as far as possible (although, the consumerist society has already taken its toll and ‘bachpana’ or the childhood is already lost on them). Let’s not spread the message of panic – if we cannot spread the message of love and brotherhood. Although, you have also pleaded in your closing paragraph for imparting training in not to make distinction on the basis of religion etc but can you teach them these virtues by searching their bags at the School Gate or other such activities if not exactly this. In my opinion, we should teach children the more basic values such as truth and non-violence and that too by setting example. If we display our cowardice and prove that we are so scared of terror attacks, our children will learn either to ‘duck’ unnecessary or they would become overtly aggressive and abusive towards a non-existing attacker. I am afraid, they may become hostile towards other religions also!
I wish and pray that for once, your friends in Media do not listen to you in this matter and do not add to the mass hysteria currently being experienced by the country after Mumbai terror attacks!

Onkar said...

Both Skylark and Ramesh have made important points. It is necessary to strike a balance and not to put fear in the minds of children. The treatment must not worsen the disease. Ramesh is right when he says that exposure makes a lot of difference and that human beings are good at heart.It must be taking a lot of effort to turn a human being into a terrorist.

A belated merry christmas to humanobserver and all others.

Indrani said...

A very sad truth, we have to prepare our children to face terrorism. What kind of a world are we giving them?