Saturday, January 03, 2009

21.In the Evening of Life

Let us go out in the open
And find a secluded corner
Where we can hold hands
And look into each other’s eyes.

No, don’t speak a word
Don’t move at all
Don’t make any gesture
Don’t even breathe heavily…
Let there be no interruption today.

Forget the countless moments
When we managed to hurt each other
What good will it do now
To remember the neglect and humiliation?

In this evening of life
Let us remember the few moments
When we cared for each other,
Let us bask in fond memories
When the night is round the corner.


Kadri said...

So beautiful, so true.

You need to focus on the good things or the bad things will take power over you and your relationship.

nituscorner said...

Touching thoughts!!!!

humanobserver said...

poignant....Actually I don't know what else to comment here...

Aviral said...

This poem felt new even though i read it before you published it here.

Indrani said...

A Very Happy New Year to you and yours!
Have a rocking 2009!

nituscorner said...

Onkar do visit my blog.....i have the picture of the orange tree for you as requested.