Saturday, January 17, 2009

23. The Dustbin

Don’t look at me with contempt
Don’t close your nostrils near me
Much sooner than you realize
You are going to require me.

The garbage I carry is not mine
You have given it to me
I have sacrificed my own cleanliness
To make your surroundings clean.

I will gladly carry your dirt
But let me confess this to you
I love to hear every morning
The footsteps of the boy
Who comes close to clean me.


Kadri said...

I like how this can be read in more than one way. =)

humanobserver said...

I did not imagine that you will dedicate a poem to dustbin....nice..Through this poem, you highlighted the importance of dustbins...

Indrani said...

Nice one, Onkar!
Can be interpreted in many ways. :)

R. Ramesh said...

wonderful one yaar.congrats..and hey thanks for yr comments buddy