Tuesday, January 27, 2009

24. The Mirror

Neither do I indulge in sycophancy
Nor in unjust criticism,
I reflect exactly what I see
Without the slightest dilution.

I know not of any greed
I have no possession of my own
Whatever I receive from people
I return in full on the spot.

I make no discrimination at all
Between the beautiful and the ugly
I see everyone who comes to me
To show him an image of himself.

No amount of curse can change me
Likes and dislikes do not matter
One can stone and break me
Even in death, I will remain truthful.


Indrani said...

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best budding poet of all?


R. Ramesh said...

That's the essence of Bhagvat Gita if i am right..thanks 4 your continous encouragement boss..cheers

Aviral said...

i was thinking of posting a nasty comment, but i changed my mind...nice poem...why don't you start publishing the huge stock of Hindi poems you have?

humanobserver said...

Nice composition of words...