Thursday, February 19, 2009

27. Do What I Say

I will decide if you can hug
If you can go out to a pub
If you can sit in a park
If you can dance with abandon.

Your dress will be of my choice
Your hair-style of my liking
I will let you wear high heels
If my definition of culture permits.

You can smile if I wish
Your tears must have my sanction
You can eat, drink and sleep
You can breathe if I desire.

I dictate every little thing
I guide every walking soul
I am the only one on whom
I do not have any control.


Sai Charan said...

Dear Onkarji,

Nice piece of message-oriented poetry.

Gaining control over oneself, i.e. the senses and the mind is the most difficult task a human being encounters in his life.

Aviral said...

I totally love the last 2 lines of this poem...very well written

Indrani said...

From the first four lines I thought it was from a strict father. :)

Strong message there. Makes me think.

nituscorner said...

well written onkar.

humanobserver said...

Wonderful. I guess you had written these poems in your younger age.

lala said...

all hail 'shree' Ram Sena? people with misappropriated sense of what they are out to allegedly protect?