Sunday, February 15, 2009

60.Amusing Things About Air Journey

I find certain things about an air journey quite amusing. The first is the instructions you receive at the start of the journey. As you enter the aircraft, someone welcomes you with folded hands- not with roses (they cost money). You are soon tied up to your seat with the seat belt. Next, the airhostess starts making scary pronouncements. You are informed about emergency exits, life vests and so on. You are told what to do if your plane lands on water. Before you are able to decide whether to get off, you are in the air. You can’t dare ask the pilot to drop you on the way.
The second amusing thing is that in the name of in-flight entertainment, you are treated to songs you have never heard and shown movies which could not last beyond a week in any movie house. The only silver lining is that the songs and movies help you fall asleep and forget about the scary pronouncements made by the airhostess.
The third amusing thing is people asking for cotton to plug their ears. The crew members oblige you by handing over the smallest quantity possible. They know, you don’t require it for weaving thread. It’s nice of them that they don’t ask you to return the cotton once the journey is over.
The fourth amusing thing is that whatever goes wrong during the journey- delay of several hours, water getting exhausted in toilets- there is always an apology on offer. It is always worded in the same manner and delivered in the same tone irrespective of the gravity of the inconvenience caused. You have no option but to accept the apology- you are in a hurry to go home.
No such things during train journey. No scary announcements, no apologies, no cotton, no in-train entertainment. Just relax and enjoy the journey with all its virtues, vices and risks.


Soul Searcher said...

I am a train lover too. Nothing to beat getting down at the halts on the way and sampling the culinary delights each station has to offer and running back to catch the train.

The good times include chai at most North Indian stations on cold winter mornings, Pooris at Kharagpur, Meals at the Vizag and Trivandrum canteens,Majigai on the Andhra Route, Chikki at Lonavala, Mango Jelly at Rajahmundry, Batata Vada at Kalyan and the lsit goes on...I am hungry now

nituscorner said...

I agree with soul a train lover too and would fly only if time is the factor. Every time I fly i can't help but feel sorry for the air hostess doing the act and showing all the "not interested " passengers about the safety measures.

Sai Charan said...

Dear Onkarji,

I couldn't manage to control my laughter while reading this one.

This post highlights your style of giving humorous touch to the most amusing things encountered during an air journey.

Indrani said...

Are you a fan of Lalu Yadav?
Just kidding! Lovely write up.

Aviral said...

at last a humorous article...i've been waiting for soooooo long

Saadia said...

Haha, quite a "train-ee", aren't you!

Interestingly, I've seen some very good movies in the aircraft (The Holiday, Madagascar, War of the Worlds...). :-)

humanobserver said...

Ha ha ha. I guess you love train journey very much. :)

Razz said...

Train journeys have their own charm I'll give you that but flying isn't all that bad either (unless you're on a transatlantic flight). I second Saadia, I've seen a lot of good movies and tv shows on the flight recently - helps pass the time.