Friday, March 06, 2009

28. Search for Right Bath

I took bath repeatedly in the Ganges
And other holy rivers all over.
I drenched myself with bucketfuls
From holy wells in winter.
Thousands of dips I took
In holy ponds at pilgrimage centres,
At Sangham during Magh Mela
And in holy seas on auspicious days.
I got rid of my body’s dirt
And of accumulated vices
To secure my next life,
But where is the river, pond or well
That can make me calmer
And rid me of petty temptations
To help me in my current life ?


R. Ramesh said...

wonderful one boss..pursuit of truth and peace never ends for humankind it seems..cheers..

lala said...

i guess that pond is you yourself... when everything is turbulent around you, only inner quietness can counter it and give you peace. i hope you find it. i hope we all find it.

Indrani said...

No idea where it is!

Great lines!

Soul Searcher said...

Could not agree more.. A lot of our rituals are devoted to securing the next life as you so aptly put it.

Another relates to the ceremnoies like Sradh and amavasya which remember the dead. If we devoted half the time we spend on those rituals to the individuals when alive they would have left this world much happier

humanobserver said...

Agree with Ramesh :)

Sai Charan said...

Well Onkarji, you always choose a smart way to put your message across and this post is no different. It’s just another brilliant piece of writing.

It is hypocrisy to maintain only physical purity without keeping the mind also pure. Both the mind and the body must be under control to attain salvation.

Let the minds therefore be pure along with the bodies and its senses.

nituscorner said...

nice piece... thought provoking.