Tuesday, March 17, 2009

29. Parting with grace

Let us part ways gracefully
Without malice or anger
Like co-passengers saying bye
After a long journey together.

Let us keep alive the love
Which brought us together
Let each continue to pray
For well-being of the other.

You are as good as ever
I am also what I was
We failed to come good
Only when we came together.

Let us hug each other
Before we go our separate ways
Let us not hesitate to smile
If ever we cross each other.


nituscorner said...

nice one onkar....its alwyas sad to part but when you part as frens , it sure makes a world of difference.

lala said...

Awesome. I dont have any other word to express what i feel for this.

Anonymous said...

nice farewellsong...heart touching....

R. Ramesh said...

wonderful piece...

Indrani said...

Why this 'emotional atyachaar'?

Very matured thoughts here, mine are elementary stuffs. Did you read mine on Chinkaras? :)

humanobserver said...

Superb....Loved the last paragraph :)

Saadia said...

Much like an almost non-existent, blissful divorce...