Sunday, May 03, 2009

34. The lone leaf

A lone leaf tries to cling to the tree
Unlike many others that grew pale
Before falling to the ground beneath
One by one, and then in heaps.

When the wind starts blowing
The leaf cannot dance with joy,
It hides behind a naked branch
To prolong her fragile survival.

Soon, the spring is going to set in
The tree will be full of green leaves
The lone leaf will have to depart
It has no place in the new order.


sujata said...

The old must give way for the new to bloom. The only way to mortality is to impart your values and beliefs into the next generation.. so that through them you remain immortal. A very well written poetry.

Aviral said...

good one yaar...

Indrani said...

The truth of life.

शोभना चौरे said...

very nice poem.

Ayesha said...

Very relevant to life. To the circle of life.

There is reason in the new order.

Rajesh said...

Very wonderful thought.

Babli said...

Excellent.Very beautiful thought.