Saturday, June 06, 2009

38. Tree to traveller-IV

Traveller, come, take some rest.

It is nice to see you back –
Satisfaction writ large on your face
Confidence of a victor in your steps
Glint of reaching the goal in your eyes.

See, my leaves have returned
Swinging softly in gentle breeze,
Birds are back on my branches
Raring to go with their new songs.

Traveller, with no fresh goal in mind
And no hurry to reach any place,
You are ready for some rest
I am ready with some shade.


Rajesh said...

Your series on "Tree to Traveller" is excellent and refreshing.

Aviral said...

wow...the last two lines are great

lala said...

i really wonder how you can come up with soo much material on one topic. this is really creative... and although saying the same thing, this series moves like a story...

R. Ramesh said...

how sweet, loved the last line esp..cheers buddy

How do we know said...

excellent! excellent! Excellent!

Indrani said...

Great lines.

humanobserver said...

it is simple, sweet and powerful :)

Aparna said...

This series is so simple and yet so meaningful...always end up wondering what will you write next.