Saturday, June 20, 2009

40. Tree to traveller-VI

Traveller, what is holding you back?

It was quite some time ago
That you took rest in my shade -
Tired of the effort you made
To reach the goal of your choice.

How could cozy environs of home
Make you forget the joy and pride
Of undertaking the arduous journey
And reaching the impossible goal ?

Trees are again ready with shade
Paths are all clearly laid out
Goals are waiting to be achieved
Only your will power is missing.

Don’t mind my question, traveller,
But are you there?
Are you still alive?


AnjuGandhi said...

Hi , my first vist to your blog for the simple reason, you are from Delhi and delhi has fond memories for me ( after all i was born and brought up there) and i liked the name of your blog.

Aparna said...

Are there still more of them to come? Reading all the parts and enjoying them.

lala said...

wow... i have a question here... i know there has to be a reason why the traveler is so hesitant. the past poems have made it clear that he is not tired anymore. what is your view on the mindset of the traveler and why is he so apprehensive to go on?

Onkar said...

Dear Lala, I don't know why the traveller is so hesitant. Maybe, he is so hesitant, because he wants me to write more poems on him. As regards Aparna's question, at this stage, I don't know if more poems in the series are coming up.

Indrani said...

Great lines again!

Kadri Luik said...

I absolutely love these poems, wonderful and full with thought.

Have a nice summer! =)