Wednesday, July 01, 2009

41. Tree to traveller-VII

Just come out of home, traveller.

Don’t worry if there is no goal,
Journey is a goal in itself
It is the effort that matters most
It is the sweat that counts.

Just keep on walking, traveller,
It is sure to produce some gain
You are bound to reach somewhere
The journey will not go in vain.

Whatever path you decide to take,
There will be some pond or tree
Don’t worry much about the future,
Just get up quickly and break free.


lala said...

ah! you beat your pervious 6 ones by this one.

You are bound to reach somewhere
The journey will not go in vain.

i simply love this. awesome way of saying move on and move ahead... which is what you say in the last line too... really good.

Aparna said...

Life is all about moving forward isn't it?
This series that you are doing,conveys some basic truth about evryday life in a very simple manner. Always enjoy reading your work.

How do we know said...

Traveler to tree:

Tree, I have wandered far and long
Taken shade under canopies
that changed everyday

Now, i want to stay home
Sleep under the same roof every night
Toil in the same fields every day
And close my eyes to the same view - day after day.

The blood in my veins, flows softly now,
At peace..
I have come home.

Look again, tree.. there are more...
Travellers weary of the sun, thirsty and forlorn
Stretch your canopy, give them your love
Like you did to me..

There will be more, Tree...
There will always be more of them..
Travelers, come in generations...
A different face, a different carriage, and yet,
Long after they have passed, and so have their children,
Long after the roads have been laid and re-laid
You will still stand
When you look down
You will still find
A traveller waiting for ur shade..

Mihaela Chelaru said...

I see a lot of motivation in this poetry.

Onkar said...

Thanks for a wonderful poem, how do we know. My earnest request to you is to write more such poems. You have provided an answer to the tree who seems to be persistently and shamelessly looking at only one side.

Anonymous said...

excellent one :)

Indrani said...

Some precious words here.

How Do said...

Thank you Onkar ji.. for liking the comment.. it was the beauty of this poem that spontaneously inspired the comment.. its been a while since i wrote poetry, and have to thank you for inspiring it in the heart..

Sai Charan... said...

Dear Onkarji,

Your poems are a powerhouse of inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm and every new poem unleashes your creativity.

Seriously, I'm unable to quote my favourite lines from this poem. Every line is outstanding in its own way.

These lines from the last stanza are very impressive:
"Don’t worry much about the future,
Just get up quickly and break free."

As our Lala Bhaiya said, yes, this one looks as "the best" among the "Tree to traveller" series.

And I also loved the poem written by "How do we know" here in the comments column. I express my thanks for sharing such beautiful lines.

Cheers, Sai.