Wednesday, July 08, 2009

42.Two admirers and the bird

Perched on a branch is a lovely bird,
Her colours shining in the evening sun
Her song breaking barriers of silence,
Reaching every soul that cares to listen.

An onlooker watches her mesmerized,
Amazed at her beauty and melody
Yearning for more and more of music
Trying desperately for a better view.

Another is standing nearby with arrow
Ready to bring the bird down
The song guides him to the prey
Bright colours of feathers and sun-rays
Isolate the bird from leaves and branches.

The wish of both cannot be granted
Will the bird die or will it survive?


lala said...

i think it more about the spirit living or dying than what happens here... the spirit should never be allowed to die. thats all that matters.

Indrani said...

Lovely lines.
Hard to answer your query though.

Sai Charan... said...

Dear Onkarji,

This is such a good poem, really fantastic I would say. It carries a truck load of philosophy in it.

The fate of a lovely bird hangs in the hands of others. So unfair the situation is - Can't the bird have its own decision whether to live or die?

Why is the World such a good place and such a bad place at the same time?

Strange indeed that good and evil always walking hand-in-hand...

R. Ramesh said...

brilliant boss..really good.

Anonymous said...

Difficult to answer.

vibhu said...

Good indeed. Now you are nearing the half-century of poems! You had started posting poems almost a year ago (24th May 2008 to be precise) - so I think, you should slightly increase the pace of writing and complete a century of poems by the year end (2009). Good work done - keep it up (with slightly higher pace.) :-)

Aparna said...

I hope that the bird lives,also know the more determined will have his way.

Babli said...

Excellent..I liked it very much.