Thursday, July 23, 2009

44. The boy at the junction-II

The boy at the junction looks at the sun
And wonders if it is ever going to soften.
The boy at the junction observes a car halting
And wonders if he can be the first to reach it.
The boy at the junction watches the ‘saheb’
And wonders if he is going to buy his stuff.
The boy at the junction glances at traffic lights
And wonders if there will be time to persuade.
The boy at the junction peeps into the AC car
And wonders if he will ever be able to sit inside.


Aparna said...

Vey heartfelt and poignant Onkarji.Extremely matter of fact, yet pierces the heart.

Babli said...

Very beautiful poem and I am sure that the boy will fulfil his dream one day.

R. Ramesh said...

hahah enjoyed reading this..congrats and keep up the high spirits buddy..

Anonymous said...

nice flow of thoughts :)