Saturday, August 01, 2009

45. He and I

He has two legs and so have I
He has two hands just as I have
Two eyes, two ears, one nose-
He has all that I have.

He weeps just as I do
He laughs the way I laugh
The feelings of love, hate and fear
His envies and worries are the same.

It is his mouth that eats
It is his tongue that speaks
It is his nose that smells
It is his skin that feels.

He sweats and bleeds like I do
The redness of his blood is the same,
Then what makes me go for his blood
What brutally separates him from me ?


Kadri Luik said...

So simple that it's hard to grasp and understand. We're all humans so what makes us divide.

Beautifully put Onkar.

Anonymous said...

here you are talking about whom ?

Saadia said...

Because "I" hate just being normal. I want power.

Margaret said...

You've made a very good point here Onkar with your poem.

We are really all the same in this world, no matter what colour, creed or profession. We're all children of God. So why is there hatred in the world??

Aparna said...

Very simple, yet so difficult to practice.
A good point.

nituscorner said...

The facts put in so beautifully. So very true. if only we would understand this , peace would be every where.