Saturday, September 05, 2009

50. Invitation to rain

Layers of dirt, settled on leaves
Cannot continue for long like this,
It is time now for you to visit
My gardens, plants, flowers, buds...

Come stealthily tonight while I am asleep
To shower your generous drops
On leaves hungry for a good bath
After days of playing with dust.

Don’t you know, you uncertain visitor,
In the lavish spread of nature
Nothing is more delicious to eyes
Than freshly-washed green leaves
Swinging happily on plants and trees
In the soft early morning breeze.


Aparna said...

I am visiting your blog after quite some time.
Finished reading all your recent poems at one go.
The pictures of Jammu and Kashmir were beautiful.
There's nothing as beautiful as rains in nature. the greenery after showers is awe inspiring. You brought out such a beautiful imagery.

Indrani said...

I am sure the rain came, it can't neglect such a touching invitation. Beautiful lines Onkar.

Anonymous said...

this rain made me so happy, difficult to express in words