Saturday, September 12, 2009

51. Invitation to play in the rain

Come, let us go out fast
In the first rain of the season.

Let us dance under falling drops
Until we collapse or the rain stops
Let us jump in small puddles
Until the water splashes to our face.

There is no worry today,
No counting of buckets
No fear of tank going empty
No one to close the shower
No one to knock at the bathroom door.

Come, let us spread our palms
And see the drops jump out
Let us close our eyes
And feel the drops on the lids.

Hurry up, come out quick,
What are you waiting for?
Where is the time to lose?
We are fast growing old.


R. Ramesh said...

we are fast growing old..why do u scare me buddy..cheers

Anonymous said...

yes, you are true. We are fast growing old.