Saturday, September 19, 2009

71. Lesson we can learn from children

If we fight with someone in our childhood, he is sure to turn into our good friend for the rest of our lives. But once we grow old, the chances of patch-up with someone after a fight are scanty. Bitterness refuses to vanish and the relationship is often beyond repair.

Children are forgiving by nature. If in anger, you beat your child, he will come back to you sooner than you imagine. You don’t even have to say sorry. If a child fights with someone today, he will forget it tomorrow. Not only will he forget, he will compensate for any show of anger on his part with love and friendship. This, perhaps, explains the durable friendship between children who fought bitterly at one point of time.

The process of reconciliation between children is often quite funny. One child will go to the other and frankly say, “let us be friends” and the other will melt. On occasions, common friends will make the two shake hands and a new chapter in friendship will begin. Sometimes, both will want to be friends, but both will hesitate. Common friends will bring the two children face to face. One child will be made to utter the first letter of the other’s name. This will be followed by the other child uttering the first letter of the first child’s name. The first child will then utter the second letter of the second child’s name and the process will continue until the two names are fully pronounced. I remember that in my childhood, which child would begin the process used to be decided through the toss of a coin.

Alas, grownups are different from children. Often, they fight over trivial matters and then carry bitterness through their lives. They cannot forget and forgive. Invariably, they rationalize what they said or did and come to the conclusion that the other person was wrong. They can learn a lot from children.


lala said...

i guess what really happens is that they go through all this and see the way the world around them is going, and well, they change. kids idolize their parents and teachers. they learn from them. what they do is what they learn, and what they learn is what the society is. we need to change first. the message is loud and clear.

Anonymous said...

A thoughtful post.

kavita said...

Very true...just another day my daughter came back crying because while playing there was a small quarrel amongst kids...she was really very upset,seeing that i explained her but no use so i finally fixed her fav. my surprise when i came back with a glass of milk she was not at the table anymore but with the same friends sharing those sandwiches...great post.

The Panorama said...

You do have a point there but childen fight over silly things, adults don't always. It can be serious issues that result in divorce or legal battles.

A though provoking post:)

Sucharita Sarkar said...

You are so right. As adults, we lose the frank approach of children and our hesitations complicate things so much more.